Why clean your roof?

  •  Moss growth on tiles can block gutters and downpipes, thus causing water to overflow – potentially into the property.

  •  The Roof Tile Association (RTA), in the guidance notes entitled: ‘Care, Maintenance & Repair of Clay and Concrete Roof Tiles’ stipulate “Moss on the surface of a roof tile will retain water longer and where this affects the drainage of water down valleys, abutment gutters and the interlocking drainage channels of the roof tile, they should be carefully removed”

  •  The freeze–thaw process - After freezing, moss growth causes tiles to crack whilst lifting them out of position as it grows in the vertical bond area. This is often the cause of tiles inadvertently breaking away from the roof.

  •  Falling, unsightly moss growth – as moss grows it constantly falls from the roof – thus looking unsightly and requiring constant cleaning up from around your property and conservatory roof

  •  Excessive moss growth can make your property look tired and unmaintained. Professional roof cleans can significantly improve the visual appeal of your property





What is our approach?

The National Federation of Roofing Contractors stipulate that the high water pressure lance sprays used by individuals walking on roof tiles, will pose structural questions to roof integrity.   

With this in mind we adopt the more efficient soft wash roof cleaning approach in combination with modulated pressure washing controlled from the ground or mobile elevated work platforms, thus eliminating the need to walk on the roof tiles whilst at the same time improving safety procedures across the site.

The process in summary:


  • Remove moss with especially adapted tile scrapers and or ground controlled modulated water pressure

  • Remove all residue from tiles and gutters

  • A gentle, deep bactericidal spray of all tiles to ensure all residual plant matter is reached


You will be amazed at the difference immediately and even more so as time goes by.
The precise method employed to clean your roof will be determined by the survey and your objective in leaning the roof.

What to expect;

Depending on the method employed – the natural colour of your tiles will be revived immediately or over time (6 – 12 months) and this will be explained prior to agreeing the works.

After the tiles have been cleaned – your gutters will be emptied, windows will be cleaned and the surrounding area restored to the pre work condition. The only evidence of our being there will be a clean roof and no moss!

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