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Using Biocides Safely and Legally

Safe biocide use is crucial for both the environment and the customer. Here's why we think so:

Environmental Protection:

  • Minimizing harm to non-target organisms: Biocides are designed to kill specific pests, but improper use can harm beneficial insects, pollinators, and even plant life. Safe application techniques ensure the biocide reaches the target and minimizes collateral damage to the ecosystem.

  • Reduced pollution:  Improper disposal of biocides can contaminate water sources and soil - even killing your prize fish in the garden pond through air borne contamination.  Safe handling practices prevent spills and ensure proper disposal according to regulations, protecting the environment from long-term biocide build-up.

  • Customer Safety: Protecting health: Biocides can be toxic if inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through the skin. Proper training ensures users wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow application procedures to minimize exposure and potential health risks. Additional Benefits: Maintaining biocide effectiveness: Overuse or misuse of biocides can lead to pest resistance.  Proper training encourages targeted application and reduces the chance of pests developing resistance, rendering the biocide ineffective.

  • In Conclusion, proper biocide training protects the environment, safeguards customer health and property, and ensures the continued effectiveness of these important tools. I am happy to say that PH Exterior Cleaning Services has been certified to safely use biocides in commercial & domestic cleaning environments.


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