Block paving Cleaning

Block Paving Cleaning & Sealing

If you are searching for a reliable and professional contractor with 100% customer references and who can professionally clean and seal your block paving, PH Exterior Cleaning Services can definitely help.

We are based in Northampton and offer a professional block paving cleaning and sealing service for homeowners and commercial customers throughout the shire. We pride ourselves on our high attention to detail which you will see throughout the works and at completion.

The process for cleaning and sealing block paving is best done in stages. Firstly, any oil stains can be pre-treated with oil remover and any moss growing on the blocks is treated with a potent bio degradable anti-fungicide. When the pre-treatments have taken effect the block paving is cleaned using a high powered, industrial surface cleaner.

The block paving is then left to dry for a few days to ensure the surface is completely free of moisture prior to re-sanding with kiln dried sand and if required or necessary, sealing with one or two coats of block paving sealer. Block paving sealers generally come in two forms; either solvent based acrylic or solvent free. After surveying your property, we will recommend the most appropriate solution for you.

Paving sealers are optional but it is good to know that in applying a high quality block paving sealer you gain many additional benefits. Whether you are looking to seal your home driveway or you are sealing a commercial paving project, at PH Exterior Cleaning Services, we have the block paving sealer to suit your needs and will advice accordingly.

The benefits of using a high-quality block paving sealant includes:

Protects the surface from oil staining

Enhances colouring and prevents fading

Acts as a weed inhibitor for block paving

Binds jointing sand –

No loss from pressure washing

Hardwearing and prolongs the lifespan of your paving